A table, step by step

A table, step by step
22/01/2019 Insolid Corten
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Today we are going to tell you the story of the creation of a table step by step handmade. The client visited us at our workshop and came up with the idea of ​​making a round table 150cm in diameter with the wooden envelope and an iron structure. She showed us photos of the new table she wanted to have in her house. From this visit, it was decided to make a cube-shaped foot with an iron tube, and a wood envelope of 5cm-thick treated. We like to shape the ideas of our clients, and this is a case that proves it.

The manufacturing process of this table has been long. The iron cube foot is perhaps the simplest part: 8 square tubes welded forming a cube and an iron plate on the top to join the wooden envelope, the foot iron is varnished to protect and beautify the material. The most laborious part has been the wooden envelope: 8 planks of wood have been cut in the form of a round envelope of 150cm in diameter, then they have been joined together and polished until a very smooth texture is obtained, without roughness.

Once the envelope has been manufactured we have gone to the last phase of this process, the final treatment of the wood, looking for a texture and a wood finish with light tones and very natural look. Our collaborator of mdemediterraneo and specialist in the treatment of wood has made us the final finish of this envelope, during 4 hours of treatment and 48 hours of drying.

This type of tables are made by hand and made to measure, with envelopes of pine wood and different treatments for the finishing of the wood. The feet to hold the envelope can be of natural iron or oxidized iron, and its design can vary.

We show you pictures of the entire process of creating this table that looks so nice in a apartment in the upper part of Barcelona.



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