About us

Insolid Corten BCN


We are a small workshop specialising in hand-crafted furniture. We craft exclusive pieces in Corten-Steel, iron, copper, leather and wood.

Our passion for furniture and decoration began a few years ago. We started by making small pieces with iron and Corten-Steel, little by little we have been discovering the creative possibilities of these materials. We have gradually developed new techniques and methods of work until we are who we are today: craftsmen of high-quality, unique furniture.


Our furniture is always committed to beauty and function and we imagine it as the leading character of the space it will occupy. A house, a hotel, a restaurant, an office. It is furniture which wants to last, designed to pass from generation to generation. We use materials that transmit sturdiness, durability and sobriety. Good every-day companions and witnesses of the life that surrounds them……in the same way the mountain lakes bring colour to the life that surrounds them. For this reason, every one of our pieces has been given a name taken from a mountain lake in Cataluña.

Our most prized material is Corten-Steel, a material which, for years, has been thought of for outdoor use, thanks to its natural resistance to inclement weather. However, in Insolid Corten BCN we firmly believe that something so beautiful is not taken advantage of only using it outdoors, so we have decided, through our furniture, to bring it indoors.

We hope you like our furniture. Behind every piece there is a dream, craftsmanship and professionalism.