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  • May282019

    Coffee tables

    In today’s post we are going to talk about the coffee tables. We want to give you some tips to…

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  • May152019

    Camden Town Market

    I love London, it’s one of my favourite cities and this weekend we made a trip to this city. I…

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  • May062019

    The perfect imperfection

    Our furniture has details that make them unique, details that please us, details that make a difference and that are…

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  • Abr242019


    The consoles are useful furniture, decorative and functional that occupy very little space, usually located in different spaces of the…

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  • Abr082019

    The marble

    Marble is a metamorphic rock of solid texture, formed by limestone rocks or dolomites that, subjected to high temperatures, undergo…

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  • Mar282019

    The Waterfall of Gaudí

    Last week I heard on the radio the news that the Waterfall of Casa Vicens of Gaudí has ​​been rebuilt at…

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  • Mar182019

    Pergolas, enclosures and planters

    The good weather begins, the desire to go out, to enjoy our gardens and terraces. It is time to decorate…

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  • Mar042019

    Our benchs

    We return to talk about our furniture – something we like a lot – and we want to focus on…

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  • Feb202019

    Vall Fosca

    Today I would like to tell you about our place of inspiration, the corner where we like to go when…

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  • Feb122019

    Artisans with heart

    Last week I told you what is an artisan, of the value that his hands have in his work process…

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