Decoration for fireplaces

Decoration for fireplaces
19/02/2020 Insolid Corten
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Fireplaces are elements that are usually in the construction of a home. They can be found in common spaces of a house or even in a room. The decoration of a fireplace can be somewhat difficult to perform, since you have to be cautious and keep in mind that what the fireplace will contain is fire. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind what you want to incorporate on top of it or its surroundings, elements that are not flammable.

In this post we will know some accessories that we manufacture for the decoration of a fireplace. In general, they have three functions:

  • Control the fire in a way that is more pleasant, safer and more manageable.
  • Manage fire to make it more sustainable for the environment.
  • A decorative function. Choosing handmade pieces that embellish the fireplace.

What fireplace accessories we manufacture

Woodcutters: One of our first accessories is to store firewood, the custom-made iron woodcutter. They are very beautiful, resistant and help to keep the firewood in order.

Plates: A chimney plate is an iron plate that is placed against the back wall of the chimney. It is really necessary if the back wall of the chimney is damaged by fire. The plate protects the back wall. In addition, a plate has the additional advantage that iron is heated by fire and radiates additional heat. The plates are also used to place on the floor in front of the fireplace and thus protect the floor from fire.

Save sparks: It is a very practical and necessary accessory, avoid sparks from the fire to the room. Our sparks are made of perforated iron, it is made to measure, so that it fits perfectly to the fireplace. It is a decorative piece that is used to fill the empty hole of the chimney when the fire is not lit.

Tool holder: Accessory used to store chimney tools such as tongs, poker, shovel, brush and bellows.

Fireplaces are pieces of a house that convey warmth, invite you to share and enjoy good company