13/06/2019 Insolid Corten
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For a few months we have started to collaborate with the DeTeca furniture store in Barcelona. Its history was born 20 years ago from a family business dedicated to import furniture, first with the General Furniture Company and then with the well-known Colonial Furniture store. DeTeca exists in 2 places in the world, one in Barcelona where the store and customer service is, and the other in Jakarta where the workshop and supplies are. A father and two brothers in love with 100% handmade furniture, made to measure, on request with eco-sustainable Indonesian woods turned into unique and timeless pieces. All are made in teak and worked by hand.

We are an artisan workshop of handmade furniture, called Insolid Corten. We create furniture made of natural iron and iron or rusty corten steel, combined with other materials such as wood, glass, leather or copper. We are specialists in working with natural iron and rusty corten steel through a very careful process that leaves both materials with a very fine texture and a very warm tone. Above all, it is very important to know that our rusty furniture does not stain.

The union of the iron of Insolid Corten with the wood of DeTeca has been a fantastic combination that we expect from its fruits and we can continue making unique and unrepeatable furniture.