Insolid Corten Bcn tables

Insolid Corten Bcn tables
11/01/2020 Insolid Corten
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After a while disconnected from our blog, we are looking forward to the publication of new posts. We have been working on our website, updating content to show new Insolid Corten pieces.

We want to tell you about our tables of natural iron or rusty iron. First of all we will explain that when we work with this material, the final finish that we give respects its origin to the maximum, the waters that show the surface of the iron plates. The iron envelopes of our tables are like this, keeping their texture. Another of our finishes is rusty, the material we use is iron or corten steel, both can be oxidized and the final finish is the same, the difference between both is not appreciated. It is important to know that once the iron or corten steel has been oxidized the final result is never the same, since the distribution of the elements that are in an iron plate or of corten steel are not evenly distributed.

Our tables are made of iron or corten steel, rusty or natural finish. The design of these tables is minimalist and industrial style. We make them to measure, and we can make up to 6 meters long.

We leave you a sample of some of our most beautiful tables. We hope you like them and that you are encouraged to meet us, we have a workshop-showroom in Rubí, where you can see our designs and finishes.