Mark Rios or Mr. Dripping

Mark Rios or Mr. Dripping
17/09/2019 Insolid Corten
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We recently met the artist Mark Rios, known as Mr. Dripping in the art world. Born in Barcelona in 1987, he initially led his career towards fashion design.

First he focused on the world of fashion creating his own clothing and accessories brand, and after a while he saw the need for a change in his professional career and embarked on the path of art.

He spent a whole time exploring the painting for himself, getting out of the conventional and looking for a technique that would make it different, and so, little by little, he developed the technique of dripping.

Dripping is a pictorial technique characteristic of Action Painting, which brought artists like Pollock to fame. It is about letting the paint drip on the canvas, achieving great accuracy and control over the paint, playing with the density, viscosity and type of paint.

This is an artist who has an impressive mastery of drawing. Mark Rios has managed to intelligently update a technique such as dripping and offer a different, sincere, fresh work in its execution and elegant in the final result.

Currently based in Los Angeles and Barcelona, ​​Mark works in his Mr. Dripping Gallery, where he organizes performance, exhibitions and other events to continue spreading his talent and his work internationally.

We like his work, he is a craftsman who works with his hands creating beauty in his paintings, art.