10/07/2019 Insolid Corten
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This year we are making many mirrors, it is one of our most requested pieces: round, rectangular or square. Natural iron or oxidized iron, frames of different thicknesses. They are Insolid Corten mirrors.

The mirrors are a timeless, practical, decorative element that helps us to increase the sensation of depth and luminosity in the environments. Choosing a suitable design and a good location we will get very different effects within the decoration.

The location is an aspect to consider. We can place the mirror in a small and dark room if our intention is to enhance light and spaciousness of space or at some point, if we want to turn it into a focus of attention. On the other hand, we must keep in mind what is reflected in it and try to locate it in a space where the reflection is interesting or attractive.

In the bedroom we usually find 3 places to place mirrors: on the dresser, standing near the wardrobe or the dressing room and finally on the wall of the headboard centered in a decorative way. This last option is interesting if we choose a really special mirror design, we can get very cool effects. Leaving aside the symmetry and looking for visual balance with other elements, we can choose to place the mirror sideways on the bedside table. In this way we will be able to add a more current and groundbreaking air to the room.

The large format mirrors are our specialty, they give elegance and presence to any room. The bedroom, the hall or the living room can be good candidates for placement and will undoubtedly become the center of attention. Decorate with large mirrors, give a more modern touch by tilting or leaning on the floor, instead of hanging it to the wall the effect is much more striking and trendy.

Another option is to place the mirrors where we do not expect to find them, breaking them by placing the mirrors in unexpected places. A mirror in the kitchen or in the study? It is recommended to choose a special mirror that stands out among the decoration, creating harmony with the rest of the style of the environment.

In Insolid Corten we creat the mirror with a shape that best enhances the space.