Our most desired furniture

Our most desired furniture
04/09/2019 Insolid Corten
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We started this September talking about our most requested furniture. Those pieces that mark our industrial design style, and that have been the most desired by our customers.

1. Mirrors
So far this year mirrors is one of our most successful pieces. We make them round, rectangular or square. Natural iron, iron or oxidized corten steel, and frames of different thicknesses.

2. Tables
The tables are without a doubt our furniture star. We use different materials, with iron we always create the structure of the table, and the envelope we usually combine with wood, iron, corten steel, marble, granite, glass or lined with leather. We make square, round and rectangular tables.

3. Consoles
The consoles are classic furniture that have been renovated over time adapting to new trends in shapes, sizes and materials. We manufacture them in wood, iron, corten steel, glass … and combined with different materials. Its dimensions vary, from 15cm to 45cm deep and its height from 90cm to 1.50m.

4. Bookcase furniture
Bookcases are our passion. We love making them with a very simple design, straight lines and industrial look. We make them all from natural iron, iron or oxidized corten steel, and can be combined with wood.

5. Iron and crystal separations
Today, iron and glass structures are a decorative trend that has become fashionable. They are ideal as room dividers, replace the walls and offer luminosity and spaciousness. We manufacture natural iron structures or oxidized iron, with visible welds and glass. They can be fixed structures or include a passage door.

6. Pergolas
Decorative element that fills our outdoor spaces with great charm. They are structures that can extend the time of use of our garden or terrace. They are divided into two parts, the first a structure usually made of metal or wood that will act as a support for the second element, a covering, either of treated fabric, wood or hurdle. Our pergolas are made of iron or oxidized corten steel painted with protective varnish for outdoor use, in black or brown forge hand-made.

In Insolid Corten Bcn we like to take care of our creations looking for the best decorative alternative for each space.