Pergolas and covers

Pergolas and covers
25/06/2019 Insolid Corten
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We are in the warmest season of the year, and we want to go out, to enjoy our gardens and terraces. It is time to decorate the exterior of our houses with beautiful pergolas and covers.

The pergolas are functional and are also a decorative element that fill our spaces with great charm. They are structures that can extend the time of use of our garden. The objective of a pergola is to protect the occupants that are inside from the climatic elements. They are usually divided into two parts, the first a structure that acts as a support for the second element, a cover. The fastening system can be with pillars of wood, aluminum, iron or steel corten. The cover can be bamboo, wood slats, polycarbonate plates, plant fibers, tarps … or cover it with climbing plants that provide good shade. Here we show you some ideas to cover the structure of a pergola.


Our pergolas are made of iron or rusted corten steel painted with protective varnish for exterior, in black or brown forge, hand-made, custom-made and handcrafted. Fully customized and designed to achieve a good aesthetic harmony between the structure of the piece and its surroundings.

In Insolid Corten Bcn we like to take care of our creations looking for the best alternative for each house.