The perfect imperfection

The perfect imperfection
06/05/2019 Insolid Corten
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Our furniture has details that make them unique, details that please us, details that make a difference and that are part of our traditional way of working, such as: our welds seen, our aged wooden work boards, our varnished natural finish iron, our rusted corten steel or our minimalist design, with simple and straight lines.

We work with great care, furniture to be unrepeatable, durable and of great quality. Our way of working, so artisan, so manual, is imprecise compared to other processes of working metal today. This is why our furniture is not perfect, it has many imperfections, and precisely these imperfections make them our identity: the same piece of furniture can be repeated many times but it will never be the same, our drawers are never identical, our doors never adjust in the same way, our oxidation process of corten steel is the most natural and never has the same finish and our iron is in black iron plate that has many defects.

For us this sum of imperfections in each of our furniture gives them a unique personality and strength, which leads to a perfect imperfection. Here we show you some of our furniture that reflects these imperfections that are an example of satisfaction of an artisan work made with a lot of love, designed for each of our clients Insolid Corten Bcn.

Unique and unrepeatable furniture, the perfect imperfection