What is Insolid Corten Bcn

What is Insolid Corten Bcn
19/05/2020 Insolid Corten
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Insolid Corten Bcn is a workshop specialized in quality artisan design furniture. We make exclusive pieces in corten steel and iron combined with wood, copper, leather or glass.

Our passion for furniture and decoration was born years ago. We started to make small pieces of iron and corten steel, and little by little we discovered the creative possibilities of these materials. Since then we have been developing new techniques and ways of working until we become what we are today: artisans of unique and unrepeatable furniture.

Our most pampered material is corten steel, a material that for years has been thought to be outdoors thanks to its natural resistance. At Insolid Corten Bcn we believe that it is to waste a material that is too beautiful so that it is only outside, so we have decided to introduce it inside our homes.

Each of our pieces has the name of a lake or pond in Catalunya, both of which add color and beauty to the surrounding environment. Our furniture transmits solidity, durability and sobriety, and we also want them to last over time to pass from generation to generation.

Unrepeatable 100% handmade furniture is born from our imagination. Each of our furniture is custom made, designed to decorate a home or professional environment exclusively. We work with our main materials, such as iron and corten steel, combining them and creating pieces of great solidity. We love to help and advise on the most suitable decorative solution. We try to make our furniture reflect the personality of our clients.