Workshop & Showroom

Workshop & Showroom
01/10/2019 Insolid Corten
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This September we have created a small showroom in our workshop. Many of our clients love to visit our workshop and see our work. Above all, meet our artisans, see the materials with which we create our pieces, and now, you can see some of our finished pieces. So you can get an idea of ​​our design style, which is usually industrial mixed with some rustic style. Both styles are fashionable and we also find them in very urban areas. In our Workshop & Showroom we will show you our natural iron, our rusty corten steel, or the combinations of these materials with others such as wood, glass or copper tube.

We are an artisan workshop where all our furniture is made to measure. We specialize in iron furniture, rusted or natural corten steel. Our oxidation process is very careful, looking for a high quality result, getting a finish that does not stain and has a very pleasant texture.

Our Workshop & Showroom is located in the town of Rubí, about 20km from Barcelona and next to Sant Cugat del Vallés. To visit us you just have to call 649580270, and we will look for day and time to meet you.

We hope to see you soon by our Workshop & Showroom